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Digital & Business Change Consultant

  • Welcome to She Loves Change.  I'm Sally-Anne and I have 16+ years delivering change across digital and business transformation.

    I have successfully delivered over 30 projects during my career.  Projects and Programmes that have changed the way a business operates, how departments function and how people work together.  Projects that have reduced cost and driven revenue growth through new lines of business.

    I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to multiple sectors, including Financial Services, Banking, Facilities Management and outsourcing, Media, Oil & gas, Education, Retail and Food and Beverage.

    My delivery experience covers software development, software as a service (SaaS), strategic and business change and taking products to market.  My professional qualifications and experience include Prince 2, MSP and Agile.

    I have delivered with teams distributed across at least half the globe, in cities as diverse as London, New York, Sydney, Tel-Aviv, Mumbai, Dublin, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Sweden and more. 

    I have been lucky enough to have lived and worked in both the UK and Australia.  An ex Australian colleague asked me to move to Perth to work for a Consultancy he was Partner at and they sponsored me on a 457 visa so I had a fabulous 3.5 years in Perth and Melbourne. 

    Why change, why projects?  It ticks so many boxes for me.  I love learning and I love applying that learning, I love puzzles and problems and, even better, solving them.  I am an ambivert and take great enjoyment from working and leading teams but also working alone. 

    I've always been fascinated by technology and that could be due to indoctrination into Star Trek at a very young age.  And yes, I am still disappointed that I can't beam myself anywhere.  No, it's unlikely I am going to get over it anytime soon.  No, of course I don't like Star Wars.


    When I’m not working, I have been known to design my own projects to keep myself out of mischief, like creating this website.  BUT it’s not all about creating order out of chaos.  Sometimes I like to go wild and travel free range (too old to call it back packing and there are certainly no tents involved), so choose a part of a country and roam around, booking accommodation as I go.  


    Apart from travelling (and who doesn't love travelling) and throwing myself out of one plane, my favourite thing to do is to read a good book, possibly with an accompanying glass of wine of course (I’m not a complete savage).  

    If it hadn't been for covid, my next trip was going to be travelling round Germany by train.  They have a fantastic rail network connecting all the big cities.  Take a look - https://www.eurail.com/en/get-inspired/top-destinations/germany-train.

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    "She has the ability to get people to work with her because they want to, not becuase they have to."

    Mark Paddington, Post Office

  • "She is a professional and it is a pleasure to work with her on projects."

    Belinda Rushton, Pitney Bowes

  • "I found Sally-Anne to be a committed, efficient and highly competent individual who was fantastic on our projects."

    Karen Lown, Asgard

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