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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

5 very good reasons to use Contractors or Consultants and the value they can add:

1) Independence - "A good consultant will always be unbiased and objective, as they have no personal connection to the organisation."

2) Creative Thinking - "Without being tied to certain ways of doing things, or a company’s historic culture and methods, consultants can deploy objectivity"

3) Expertise - Working with a broad section of clients and industries makes them aware of latest trends, developments and best practice.

4) Capacity - Digitalisation is a strong example of this. Given the speed of digitalisation and state of competitiveness across all sectors, a company might not have the time to implement new digital infrastructure by itself in time. In this case, hiring a digital or technology consultant to help meet the urgent need to build capacity with speed and scale is necessary.

5) Difficult decisions - Consultants have an objective lens through which they can identify where to make cuts and make them with a sufficient amount of emotional distance.

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