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Updated: Jan 27

What types of change are there?

There are multiple types of organisational change and not all change can be categorised as 'Transformational' - it's a matter of scale and impact.

And all types of change are likely to have at least one tech component - be it changes to workflows/data in existing systems to acquiring new software to faciliate the identified changes.

Although there are crossovers and similarities across all types of change, it's critical to understand the specific change you want to deliver if you are to be successful.

If I was to give just ONE Lessons Learnt from my experience in projects and programmes, it would be to ensure the senior stakeholders are aligned and comfortable with the scope and outcomes.

There are so many inherent challenges in delivering projects and programmes that you need that support and decision making capability to be able to succeed.

5 Types of Organisational Change_PDF
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