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Updated: Jan 27

Digital Transformation is in common parlance now but what does it actually mean?

A few years back, when it started to become THE buzzword, I would get recruiters ring me about contract opportunities, telling me it was a digital transformation project or programme.

I would ask what they meant by digital transformation in terms of that particular piece of work and often they didn't know.

Not because the recruiters were bad, but because they were telling me what the client had told them and the client didn't know what it meant either.

A few years later and the term Digital Transformation is everywhere again - but this time, everyone will be a little older, wise and more experienced and hopefully know better what it means.

I've been re-reading Lindsay Herbert's excellent book "Digital Transformation: Build your organisation's future for the innovation age" and have pulled out some content that I think gives a really good overview of the topic for those starting out in it.

I recommend buying her book if you want a really practical framework for digital transformation and you can find it on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/39SIojs

Digital Transformation - An Overview
Download PDF • 13.45MB

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