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Reading a really thought provoking article today in Raconteur stating that "the role of consumer trust in speeding up adoption of digital identification technologies is more important than ever."

Oxford University has even appointed the world's "first trust fellow" at thei Said Business School, Rachel Botsman.

She says: “If you don’t have faith or confidence in a system, then you’re just not going to use that product or those services."

Journalist Sanjana Varghese continues:

"One method for companies looking to build up trust is to emphasise their product or service isn’t wholly new and unfamiliar."

"Vanessa Viala at Thales Group says companies can build trust in new technologies by understanding that, while it can’t be rushed, it can definitely be helped along by tapping into the trust which exists between consumers and the tech they already use."

I woud love to know how much of a consideration this is for users and how this manifests itself / how they manage doubt and uncertainty.

Article: http://bit.ly/2OnqH4t


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