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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

I wrote a Linked In post a while back talking about the fact that I think companies aren't training their employees effectively enough in technology and quoted a stat from an IBM Report:

👉"62% of employees disagree and do not feel employers are helping them learn the skills"

👉🏼Yesterday, I came across a survey published by CV Jobs that talks about "career changers" being "the tech industry's big opportunity to bridge the skills gap."

👉Apparently 56% of non-tech workers are planning to change their careers and tech could be a great alternative for them.

👉🏼And "22% of all workers took an online tech training course as a result of Covid-19."

✔The good news is that "many skills are transferable for tech: Problem solving, teamwork, analytical skills, communcation and attention to detail."

🤷‍♂️Have you completed any tech training courses this year? Are you considering a career change and are you considering a move into tech?

Click here to see this post on Linked In https://bit.ly/3lM4MQn

Click here to read the full report from CW Jobs https://bit.ly/3nFiB3L

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