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Is Monday the best day of the week to daydream about being able to go on holiday again?

Just to torture myself, I googled travel trends and found predictions from the tech travel company, Amadeus:

👉People will “Go Big or Stay Home”, with “55% of travellers saying they will travel for 14 days or more” and with “travellers also looking for unique experiences in far flung place”

👉🏼Nomadic Travel will take off with “a newfound employee perk being the ability to work from anywhere”

👉There will be a loyalty shift with customers favouring “airlines, airports and hotels with higher health and safety standards”

👉🏼People will “swipe right on tech” with “more than 4 in 5 travellers saying that touchless technology would increase their confidence to travel in the next 12 months.”

👉Travel Agents will become far more central to people’s holiday plans. “If you’ve had to change a trip, or manage a big travel disruption on your own, you probably understand why it’s helpful to have a travel agent in your corner.”

👉🏼People will want “Travel with an Impact” - "a recent survey found that 68% of travellers want the money they spend on travel to go back into the community.”

Find the article here: https://amadeus.com/en/insights/blog/six-trends-2021-travels-comeback

The photo is one of mine - Cordoba in the south of Spain. #sigh

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