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I love this quote from Sam Rathling 🦋.

I've done a lot of work on my profile since learning about where LinkedIn searches for keywords, how your profile summary should be 'more human' and not just a repeat of your CV summary.

However, I'm sure I could do better and it could be better!

And then you have content - I am still working out who I am and what my voice is on LinkedIn.

At first, I found it really intimidated and didn't enjoy creating content - I just posted links to articles I had read (which I will continue to do as I like to share interesting content and finding interesting content is one of my reasons for being on LinkedIn).

I now also post tips and recommendations that I have found through my research if think it might help / be useful to others.

BUT I have a long way to go in terms of creating my identity.

BUT the main thing is I now actively enjoy it - it's got me reading and researching more and I love that I then have a medium to share interesting stuff on!

I also love the fact that I am slowely building up connections who post content that I actively like to read - and that's much harder than you would think - a post for another day!

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