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  • "Sally-Anne showed a very positive can-do attitude from the moment she started working with us, and very quickly understood the organisation and key stakeholders. Although a new sector for her, she got to grips with our tools and processes swiftly, and embarked successfully on the roll out of new software across multiple brands and disciplines within our organisation.

    As well as successfully the navigating the complexities of our our own business, Sally-Anne managed a challenging supplier very well, keeping them to programme and managing their stakeholder network as well."

    Richard Sexton

    Ops Director, Dentsu Aegis

  • "I worked with Sally-Anne at Asgard and can honstly say she was one of the most helpful, switched on PMs you could ever hope to work with.

    She was across the different needs of all of the team members all the time, keeping the end goal of delivery in focus.

    She kept a meticulous grip on finances and scope and was never afraid to remove barriers hindering the teams progress where possible.

    It was a pleasure working with Sally-Anne and I would love to work together in the future."

    Martin Sturdy

    Business Engagement and Analysis Manager, Asgard

  • “Sally-Anne is possibly the most energetic project manager I've had the pleasure to work with.


    Her enthusiasm is infectious to all included in any projects she is managing making for an equally enthused team which results in on budget in time results that have a certain "Sally-Anne stamp" that I have not seen since.


    I would not hesitate to work alongside sally again."​

    James Cook

    Operations Director, Pitney Bowes

  • "Sally-Anne's creative thinking, expertise, positive can do attitude and drive as a Project Manager made her an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Sally continually delivered results, went above and beyond and delivers under pressure.

    Her strengths in staying across issues and communicating with the team make her a valuable contributor to any situation or team." 

    Alicia Mansutti

    Project & Change Professional, Bankwest

  • "Sally Anne is one of the most dedicated project managers I have had the pleasure to work with.


    Her attention to detail is second to none and when working on a long (difficult) project she managed the overall delivery with total professionalism ensuring all key channels were aligned and overall delivery dates maintained despite extreme obstacles put in her way.


    I would welcome the opportunity to work with Sally Anne again. She is a valuable asset to any company."

    Andrea Sadler

    Product Owner, Post Office Financial & Travel Services

  • "Sally demonstrates levels of tenacity, ability, astuteness and energy which give you confidence that projects under her control are going to be delivered to time, quality and costs as expected.


    Sally is fearless in her desire to complete projects to the same high standards she sets herself. I would recommend her to potential employers."

    David Mannion

    Head, Business Analysis, First Rate Exchange Services

  • "Sally-Anne joined our team mid way into a project as the Business Project Manager. It took Sally-Anne very little time to settle into the role and she was quickly up to speed.


    Sally-Anne established a great rapport with the customer PM which ensured a smooth delivery. One of the key factors which impressed me was how fair Sally-Anne was. She was strong and flexible, and was able to say No without compromising relationships.


    Sally-Anne also added life and personality to our project which made the project a lot more enjoyable."

    Technical Lead, Asgard

    Gary Martin

  • "Sally-Anne is a professional, courteous, and dedicated project manager. She is clearly able to manage at all levels in an organisation, and her work is managed and delivered to high standards of quality on every point.


    If you want a senior project manager to rely upon to deliver a high quality, efficient and effective project then Sally-Anne is the PM for you.


    I would work with Sally-Anne again without question. She is a grade A manager that is a credit to any organisation she works for."

    Senior PM, Post Office

    Teresa Nash

  • "Sally as a project manager gets things done. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with her for many years and from that I know she is a fantastic facilitator, brings energy and direction to the table, and is highly adaptable and resourceful.


    She is undeterred by challenges and when faced with them shows leadership, whilst keeping business stakeholders on board and giving the team the freedom and constructive environment to work in a collaborative and productive manner.


    In addition she has the ability to learn and improve oneself at an incredible pace; Combine this and the aforementioned qualities with the fact that she is one of the hardest workers I've come across makes her invaluable in any organisation."

    Business Systems Analyst, POFTS

    Jason Fang

  • "Sally-Anne is an excellent Project Manager who thrives on the challenges faced with every new delivery.


    She is very organised and detail orientated, ensuring that all aspects of the change lifecycle are completed to a high standard. Sally delivered both business & IT projects during her time at FRES & POFTS with a high degree of business success.


    She is both commercially & technically aware and I can highly recommend her."

    Caroline Aird-Mash

    Change & Transformation Director, Post Office & Financial Services

  • "I worked with Sally-Anne across a complex and high profile project with a number of inherited issues.


    Her energy, strong communication skills and organisational drive were key to the progress that we made together as a team.


    She was able to summarise effectively for non-technical people to understand key issues, and effectively escalate those same issues to the right supplier/internal teams for action to be taken.


    I would not hesitate to work on a project with Sally-Anne again."

    Robert Taylor

    Senior Procurement Manager, Global Tech, Dentsu Aegis

  • "Enthusiastic, great communicator and cool under pressure - these are the 3 traits that come to mind when describing Sally-Anne.


    A top class Project Manager who is adept at bringing stakeholders together and inspiring a shared vision.


    A pleasure to work with."

    Ian Jackson

    Head of Savings, Post Office Financial & Travel Services

  • "Sally-Anne is an outstanding delivery orientated professional who has demonstrated that she has the ability to get people to work with her because they want to, not because they have to.


    It was a pleasure to work with Sally-Anne on FX ATM's and Bureau Pre Order and I would have no hesitation in working with her again in the future."

    Mark Paddington

    PMO, Post Office

  • "Sally-Anne is a dynamo. She has great attention to detail.


    She does not allow anyone on a project to slip on timeline, and ensures that people meet their agreed responsibilites and output in such a personable way.


    She is a professional and it is a pleasure to work with her on projects."

    Belinda Rushton

    Account Director, Pitney Bowes

  • "I worked with Sally-Anne at Asgard and highly recommend Sally-Anne.


    I found Sally-Anne to be a committed, efficient and highly competent individual who was fantastic on our projects. 


    Sally-Anne is highly organised and detailed individual and runs her projects on time, budget and with great communications."

    Karen Lown

    Digital Product Owner, Asgard

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